Narcos Video Game First Look Revealed With New Trailer (VIDEO)

Narcos Video Game

Netflix has easily been one of the biggest media platforms in terms of growth the past few years. The service sought to boost demand for its platform by producing original exclusive premium content, a strategy which they have certainly seemed to double down on even more recently. To further promote these original series, Netflix has partnered with game developers to build upon their original franchises with interactive media. That said, a new trailer for a Narcos video game gives a first look at the project.

Curve Digital previously announced that they would be developing a Narcos video game based on the Netflix original series that tells the story of Pablo Escobar’s illegal drug empire, and the DEA’s attempts to bring him to justice. Now, Curve Digital has released a new trailer on their official Twitter account that gives a preview of the game’s environments. The developer also confirms that the game, titled Narcos: Rise of the Cartels, will utilize turn-based strategy gameplay.

The game will reportedly follow the events of the series, and will allow players to control either the DEA or the Medellin Cartel. There’s no word yet if the title will acknowledge the recently released Narcos: Mexico storyline that focuses on new locations and characters. Fans of the show will definitely enjoy this extension of the show’s lore, and might even find the game as addictive as the binge-worthy series itself.

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