Narcos Netflix Series Has A Video Game Adaptation In Development

It’s usually the other way around when the topic of adaptations are circulating from video games or animated series to live-action hit (or miss). This time, the popular Netflix series Narcos will be receiving a video game adaptation instead, making the power struggle of drug lords during the cocaine boom a more interactive experience. United Kingdom based company, Curve Digital and sister studio Kuju, will be at the helm of this project.

A developer and publisher that brought to life such titles as Dear Esther, the Stealth Inc series, and many others will bring the “gritty action” of Narcos to a different medium. The story of drug lords, cocaine trafficking, and the rise to power of various individuals makes for a dynamic video game narrative. Both Curve Digital and Gaumont anticipate this collaboration with fervor. Here’s what Kuju head of studio, Brynley Gibson, had to say:

We’re looking forward to creating a game that matches the fantastic storyline and gritty action of the Netflix series. We’re tremendously excited and have some amazing gameplay elements in the works that will please both fans of the show and gamers.”

Narcos is heading into its fourth season and leads as one of the top and most popular original shows online. With millions of fans from all around the world, Gaumont is excited to see what creative direction Kuju and Curve Digital’s decides to take. There are three seasons worth of content to sift through after all. Tim Stephen, head of legal and business affairs at Gaumont, places the company’s trust in both companies:

Curve Digital is a world leading video game publisher and we trust them to develop and create our first Narcos console game title that will thrill our millions of Narcos fans, allowing them to engage with the storylines and characters they have come to know over the past three seasons.”

Narcos the game is expected to launch Spring 2019 for all major platforms. Are you a fan of the Netflix series? If so, what are you expectations for this adaptation? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or start a conversation on DFTG Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here’s some of our latest:

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