Naoki Yoshida’s Final Fantasy XIV in Talks for Switch and Xbox One But There’s a Catch

Naoki Yoshida's Final Fantasy XIV

This summer will be seeing a new DLC for Naoki Yoshida’s Final Fantasy XIV. In a recent interview, the director opened up about his hopes for the future of the game. Ultimately, Yoshida wants to see players come together:

I’ve said this on several occasions, but it hasn’t changed. We would love for as many players to be on FFXIV as possible. Conversations have been had with Mr. Phil Spencer of Microsoft, and the upper management teams of Nintendo. But I have proposed a condition every time I speak with any platform manufacturers. It’s that the game has to have the capability of cross-platform play.

The director was firm on that stance. The idea that players across any platform could enjoy this game together would be monumental, and something many fans have wanted for various franchises for some time. Naoki Yoshida’s Final Fantasy XIV would make a lot of fans happy to see the game arrive on other consoles, with cross-play no less.

Naoki Yoshida's Final Fantasy XIV

Difficulties can arise for many reasons, especially when it comes to MMORPGs, which the director noted himself. Naoki Yoshida’s Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood DLC had its own issues at launch just after E3. Here’s what the director had to say about anticipating issues and what he expects from his partnerships,

Those can become a hurdle when we consider operating FFXIV for an extended period of time. So when I talk to those first-party companies, I ask them, ‘Do you have the capability to prepare for that, do you have the resolve that you’re going to make sure to take responsibility and take care of those, do you have that willingness?’

If we are able to come to some sort of agreement, a handshake so to speak, or if it does end up being that unfortunately we can’t do a handshake with Final Fantasy XIV, either way we’ll make sure to communicate with our players. But we have been tenacious–we’ve been trying to keep at it and be persistent about our conversations.”

Nintendo and Microsoft seem amicable, having just announced that both Minecraft and Rocket League would be cross-play compatible with each other and PC. While Sony is keeping itself out of the loop with a very firm opposing stance, it is quite possible that Naoki Yoshida’s Final Fantasy XIV could see cross-play among these platforms. In the end, it is a wait and see, but an exciting prospect to say the least.

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