ARGcast #116: Power Stone and Mega Visions With Sketchcraft

ARGcast #116: Power Stone and Mega Visions with Sketchcraft

We get POWERFUL with artist extraordinaire Rob Duenas AKA “Sketchcraft” to talk about Power Stone, and his current project Mega Visions Magazine.

Hold onto your stones, ARGonauts! Returning guest and art director Rob Duenas AKA “Sketchcraft” joins us to celebrate the Power Stone franchise. We discuss what we loved about these games, what we hope to see from a hypothetical sequel, and how it ties into what Rob is doing now with Mega Visions Magazine.

ARGcast #116: Power Stone and Mega Visions with Sketchcraft

The news this week takes us to a new retro gaming console that aims to play almost all of your physical titles, as well as GameStop buyout rumors running rampant. We then get into the character direction of everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie being made, and the return of the original Donkey Kong arcade game after all these years.

The Stage of History has us take a look at the original Power Stone which acts as a precursor to our main topic, and then we get into another Capcom fighting game gem – Project Justice. Robert keeps the Dreamcast train going in Obscura with the vertical shmup Mars Matrix. Don’t forget to grab our game codes for Juicy Realm and Just Shapes & Beats, then we jump into another round of Random Select! Who could David be this week?

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