Modder Makes a Super Famicom Themed Nintendo Switch

Super Famicom Themed Nintendo Switch

In the relatively short history of the Nintendo Switch so far, the console has greatly sparked the creativity of the Nintendo fan community in regards to what the new hybrid home/portable console can look like and how it could reflect Nintendo’s history. We’ve seen mockups of transparent Joy-Cons that pay homage to the classic Game Boy and Nintendo 64 transparent variant consoles and we have even seen a modder turn the Nintendo 64 into a dock for his Switch. Now, another fan has continued this trend of retro designs with their Super Famicom themed mod.

User Clown TV has posted images and details of this modified Switch console on Ruliweb, which hearkens back to the 90’s and the 16-bit Japanese console that was released stateside as the Super Nintendo or SNES that many of us grew up with. The Joy-Cons still work connected to the console and wirelessly on their own. It even reflects the color patterns of the Super Famicom controller down to the red, blue, yellow and green A, X, B and Y buttons. The Switch dock has also been modded to look like the Super Famicom console unit.

Nintendo has unveiled several different colors for the joy-cons, but have not announced any designs that pay tribute directly to their previous consoles like they have done before with the likes of the NES Themed 3DS. Still, Nintendo and its fans greatly hold fond memories of the company’s history. So, perhaps hope for an official NES Switch design has not powered off yet. What do you guys think about this Super Famicom themed mod? What classic Nintendo console would you like to see represented with a Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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