Modder Creates Terrifying Minesweeper Mod Inside Amnesia: Dark Descent

Amnesia Minesweeper Mod

Back in the stone age of computer gaming, there was a go-to hobby for those who just wanted to spend time getting utterly furious at their PC. This hobby, of course, was hopping on the computer and starting up a rousing game of Minesweeper. Admit it, everyone played Minesweeper. The absolute frustration of hitting a mine after a single click, or the nail-biting terror of being so close to finishing the board while your chances of safety dwindled rapidly certainly kept us gamers on our toes. As if that level of anxiety wasn’t enough to haunt our dreams for years to come, modder Spelos has just upped the ante by putting Minesweeper into one of the most frightening games ever created – Amnesia: Dark Descent!

As you can see from the above gif, this is certainly a true Minesweeper experience. Place the flags on the squares to mark them as safe, while the “board” hints at how many tiles are unsafe. Looks pretty standard to the original game, except for the fact that it’s now in 3D. The “hold-your-breath” dread of setting off a mine is apparent just like in the original, but for an entirely different reason now. How different, you ask? Well, you could be going along, thinking you’ve gotten the hang of this randomized mod, sneaking around the dark and foreboding-looking game-board, when all of a sudden:


Pants-wettingly scary, yes? Honestly, the worst that happened in the original Minesweeper was your happy little smiley face caught a case of the dead if you hit a mine. Now, we have to worry about monsters chasing us and our adorable little flags? Yikes! But never fear. The good thing about this Amnesia mod is that if you manage to get away from the monster instead of being killed or driven mad by it, you won’t lose your progress. So, at least there’s that. Thanks, Spelos!

Mods have always been a popular way to make beloved video games that much better. From Skyrim, to Morrowind, to Fallout 4, to several other titles, mods breathe new life into games in ways only true fans could accomplish. Vanilla titles are all fine and good, but it’s always amazing to see exactly how much better players can make a game just with a little bit of ingenuity, creativity, and a whole host of ideas to share with fellow fans. Keep up the great work, modders! We appreciate all that you do for us!

What do you think of this Amnesia: Dark Descent mod? Do you remember playing Minesweeper as a kid? Do you still play Minesweeper? Will you try this new mod out for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for the latest and greatest in gaming news. As always, game on!


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