Millionaire Seeks To Fund Real Life Fortnite Battle Royale Experience On Private Island

Real life fortnite

One of the biggest new modes in gaming to greatly impact the industry the past few years has been battle royale. With games like PUBG and Apex Legends building communities around the free for all mode, even traditional shooter titles like Call of Duty have had to dive on into the world of battles royale themselves. Of course, the big king of battle royale is Fortnite, which everyone including Prince Harry has heard of at this point. Well, one wealthy benefactor is taking this cultural fixation to a new level by propsing to fund a real life Fortnite Battle Royale experience on a private island.

Luxury shopping site Hush Hush recently had a new listing for the proposed real life Fortnite plans on their website. An anonymous millionaire is seeking someone who will help construct the real world gaming experience that will utilize a private island and pit 100 contestants against each other. The rich benefactor is prepared to pay the game event designer £1,500 a day over six weeks, totaling £45,000, to design the event.

Hush Hush co-founder Aaron Harpin backed this plea up by saying, “Battle royale games have become incredibly popular over the last few years ago and our customer is a huge fan who wants to make the game a reality in the safest way possible. If the championship is a success this year, it’s something he wants to make an annual event moving forward, which is very exciting!”

The proposed event will pit 100 contestants against each other on an island over three days, in which they will attempt to safely eliminate each other with airsoft guns and touch-sensitive body armor. The last one standing will be awarded a grand prize of £100,000. That’s a lot of chicken dinners.

There’s no word yet if anyone has applied, but if it does, this would certainly be an event unlike any other in the real world or gaming world. Now, here’s hoping they invite John Wick and Thanos to join in on the real life fun.

What do you guys think about this real life Fortnite Battle Royale idea? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest battle royale news, such as one talented fan’s Wraith from Apex Legends cosplay, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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