Minecraft-esque Lego Worlds Delayed Until March Plus First DLC Announced

Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds is an open world sandbox game that allows players to build essentially whatever they want, similar to Minecraft. Previously slated to be released on February 21st, the game has had a small set back and the launch has now been delayed.

If you are planning on picking up Lego Worlds on Steam, they did provide an early access launch and will be releasing the game officially on March 7th. For Microsoft and Sony platforms, the launch date has been re-scheduled to allow for the full game to be released on March 7th, as well. The game is still expected to be at the available retail cost of $29.99 once it hits the market. The exact release date for the Nintendo Switch has still yet to be confirmed.

As far as DLC (Downloadable Content) is concerned, it looks as though PlayStation 4 owners are going to have the first crack at it. The first DLC to be added to Lego Worlds will be based on Lego’s Agents line. The Lego Agents DLC Pack will be available exclusively on the PS4 for the first 90 days before releasing to Xbox One and PC.

The pack will give access to Agents themed characters, vehicles and weapons. Are you ready thwart the plans of the evil mastermind Dr. Inferno all over again?

As for the game itself, it looks as though it is going to be a dream come true for fans of both open world sandbox games and Legos. Chris Rose, an Associate Producer for TT Games, had this to say about the endless possibilities that Lego Worlds provides to players:

Want to be a farmer that chases away skeletons from his land? Sure! Want to skateboard on the clouds and/or drive a giant driller into a mountain? Affirmative! Want to ride a dolphin while exploring the vast ocean or fly a dragon while shooting fireballs at a wizard below? You got it! Want to take photos like a tourist or shoot pies out of launcher? Yes and yes again! Lego Worlds has a diverse roster of Lego characters, vehicles, and creatures that bring the worlds to life alongside an array of unique weapons and tools.

So far the game looks great and it’ll most likely be worth the extra couple days we have to wait. Are you guys excited to see a Lego game with such endless creative potential? We certainly are, but of course we’d love to hear your thoughts as well so drop a line in the comments.  To keep on top of the latest gaming news, stay right where you are at Don’t Feed the Gamers, you won’t be sorry. Until next time, game on my friends!

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