Marvel vs Capcom Infinite DLC Trailer Reveals Winter Soldier, Venom, And More (VIDEO)

Marvel VS Capcom Infinite DLC characters

October marked the first release of a Marvel vs Capcom Infinite DLC characters pack and has left fans curious about what the second pack would contain. Capcom has revealed a brand new video to showcase the upcoming characters and what they have to offer. You can see their full potential, and how they will play, in the latest trailer below:

Popular villain Venom is the major character on its way in the latest Marvel vS Capcom Infinite DLC. The character’s return comes with some old favorite moves and a few highly aggressive new ones. Venom Glide gives him the ability to move about the map in one of six directions, keeping pressure high as they glide about the battlefield.

New to the game franchise, Black Widow, is the second character joining the roster. She comes with her own traps and gadgets, including bombs and other projectiles meant to stun or knock down opponents. Black Widow is an evasive character that makes her difficult to keep track of as players navigate the fight.

The final Marvel alum making his appearance is Bucky Barnes, better known as Winter Soldier. Barnes shares a similar fighting style as that of Chris Redfield, with plenty of bang for your Buck. The stand out for this character is his metal arm that acts as a shield and nearly ignores damage while reducing his speed and move set.

Premium costumes will also be available for the characters and can be purchased individually for 7.99 or come free with the 2017 character pass. The DLC will be available on December 5th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For those interested in a test run, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will be available as a free demo on November 24th with all 30 current characters unlocked until November 27th.

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