Cancelled Daredevil Game Footage Revealed (VIDEO)

Canceled Daredevil Game Footage Revealed (VIDEO)

As long as home video game consoles have been around, superheroes have been a constant presence in the medium. With so many licensed characters from Marvel, DC, and elsewhere prime…

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Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay

New Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Footage Coming With Next Trailer

At this point, waiting for Kingdom Hearts III (KH3) is like what 80’s and 90’s kids felt when ordering a decoder ring from the back advertisement of a comic book. It’s seemingly taking…

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Storm's gameplay

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm’s Gameplay Footage Released – All Aboard the Feels Train (VIDEO)

Fans of Life is Strange got a treat at E3 when the trailer for its Chloe Price featured prequel was dropped. While the announcements that have been coming out of…

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New Dragon Quest XI Footage Reveals Dragon Riding and More Gameplay (VIDEO)

Square Enix is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the venerated Role-Playing Game (RPG) Dragon Quest (DQ). To celebrate, Japanese broadcaster NHK has featured a video which gives a look into the development of the…

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Space Hulk: Deathwing Has a New 17 Minute Trailer (VIDEO)

The Warhammer 40K series is getting another video game release, and with the announcement, players have been treated to a substantial game play trailer that colors this oppressive world quite nicely. Based…

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Gameplay Footage Shown During Nintendo Switch Reveal Might Not Be Available

There’s been a lot of hype, good and bad, surrounding Nintendo’s new gaming console the “Switch” since the reveal announcement last week. Now that the initial excitement has worn off,…

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