E3 2022 Online Event Could Be Cancelled As Well

E3 2022 Online

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected just about every modern industry, with the gaming industry being one such affected. While this has mostly been seen in the development complications and delays of many games, it has also resulted in the cancellation of several gaming conventions. E3 is the biggest victim of these cancellations, with this year’s in-person convention confirmed to be cancelled for the third year in a row. While the past two years had some sort of digital proceedings, many had assumed the E3 2022 online event would be a given. However, it appears that even the digital component of the event could likely be cancelled as well.

Gaming journalist Jeff Grubb recently shared a quick video on his official YouTube channel regarding this year’s E3 event. Grubb acknowledged the recent cancellation of the in-person event, but went on to strongly suggest that the digital portions of the event might be cancelled as well. Grubb is an industry insider with sources and access to leaks that proved to be true in the past. Here, he seems to imply that the ESA will likely not even deem it worthy to hold the online portions of the event, in lieu of the pandemic.

E3 2022 Online

Many viewers of last year’s E3 online event pointed out the fairly minimal amount of new announcements and presence from major companies. This was in part due to new gaming announcements coming fewer and further in-between (largely because of development complications and delays from the pandemic), as well as the recent trend of the biggest publishers and companies holding their own dedicated digital events throughout the year, without the competition of the rest of the industry in the same weekend.

Grubb also gave a list of such supposed digital events to be held in the coming months. These include special Star Wars and Kingdom Hearts-dedicated events, as well as Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, which would premiere in place of the E3 2022 online event. While this may disappoint some, E3 has proven to be less of an important event for the gaming industry due to changes in technology. Hopefully, whatever takes its place will help further the future and diversity of the industry. And hopefully, they don’t bring booth babes and potential harassment of them back either.

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