Bungie Announces New ‘Leviathan Raid Lair’ Coming Soon to Destiny 2

Leviathan Raid Lair

During Bungie’s reveal stream for its Curse of Osiris DLC fans got a peek at what’s new for Destiny 2 at the beginning of December. Chiefly among the details was a focus on raid content that is being added to the game. While fans have speculated about what the content could mean for Destiny 2, it has been revealed that Bungie is adding something called a ‘Leviathan Raid Lair’ to the MMO.

So, what exactly does a Leviathan Raid Lair entail? Bungie addressed this in the stream, noting that this encounter will be similar to a raid. Players will have to dive back into Leviathan – the Eater of Worlds – for this particular Raid Lair. The Raid Lair will be set below Calus’ Palace, giving the setting more of a mechanical feel.

Leviathan Raid Lair

The Leviathan Raid Lair will be bringing new items for players to collect and will also be increasing power levels. That said, Bungie is not going to alter the power level recommended for the base encounter, which is set at 300. Instead, the developer is introducing a Prestige difficulty for players to try out if they are looking for a harder version.

While some may still be skeptical about whether or not the Leviathan Raid Lair will have the same feel as a standard raid, the promise of expanded content is definitely a welcome prospect. Bungie has promised a challenging experience that will keep players on their toes as they try to manage the mechanics. The Curse of Osiris DLC will be released on December 5th, and some expect that the Leviathan Raid Lair will follow quickly after, quite possibly by December 8th.

What are your thoughts on raid lairs and will it bring more challenge to Destiny 2? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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