Leaked Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind Trailer Reveals Returning Final Fantasy Characters (VIDEO)

Leaked Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind Trailer Reveals Returning Final Fantasy Characters (VIDEO)

It looks like the folks over at Square Enix made a bit of a slip-up regarding the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC. Announced earlier this year by game director Tetsuya Nomura, the DLC had yet to receive an official release date coming into this month, though that has now changed thanked to a newly leaked trailer for the upcoming content. The trailer in question was expected to arrive this month thanks to a recent report, and said trailer has absolutely come in swinging with the reveal of both the DLC’s release date and the return of Final Fantasy characters.

The folks over at Square Enix accidentally released the new Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind trailer a bit early, and while it has since been pulled, mirrors of the trailer have thankfully already popped up. Kicking things off with a bang, it is revealed that at least Aerith, Squall, and Yuffie are back in action at Hollow Bastion, wondering where Sora has gone. From there we see loads of action scenes and story cinematics play out. Check out the trailer below:


There are some other interesting beats to take away from the leaked Kingdom Hearts III trailer, namely the fact that Kairi is finally available as a playable character, at least at some point during the Re:Mind DLC. Other scenes in the trailer show off Sora, Riku, Aqua, and Roxas all in battle, though the most exciting focal point is that Kairi finally gets to show off her moves.

The Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC is slated to release for PlayStation 4 first on January 23, 2020, then on Xbox One on February 25, 2020.

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