PlayStation Plus PS3 PSP PS2 PS1 Games

PlayStation Plus Classic Games Catalog Revealed – PS1, PS2, PS3, And PSP

The all-new version of PlayStation Plus is on its way out the door and Sony is taking more than a few cues from Microsoft’s supremely successful Xbox Game Pass. Establishing…

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Xbox Series X/S Players Are Using An Emulator To Play PS2 Games

Xbox Series X/S Players Are Using An Emulator To Play PS2 Games

The new generation of video game consoles is finally upon us, and the new devices have proven their mighty abilities in this fresh chapter in the console wars. The Xbox…

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Cancelled Daredevil Game Footage Revealed (VIDEO)

Canceled Daredevil Game Footage Revealed (VIDEO)

As long as home video game consoles have been around, superheroes have been a constant presence in the medium. With so many licensed characters from Marvel, DC, and elsewhere prime…

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PlayStation Patent Leak

Sony Patent Leak Suggests PlayStation 1-3 Games Could Be Playable Via Cloud

With the promise of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 coming at the end of this year, many are excited for what the future of gaming devices holds. However,…

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PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now Adds Ten New Titles For February 2019

Fans of the Sony platform have tons of great games at their fingertips, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for something new to play or want to enjoy their…

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Kratos Has A Secret Phone Number (VIDEO)

Throwback Thursday: God Of War’s Kratos Has A Secret Phone Number (VIDEO)

God of War‘s Kratos may have recently given the axe to the monsters of Norse mythology, but there was a time when the Ghost of Sparta decidedly unleashed his rage…

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Throwback Thursday Sony PlayStation 9 Commercial

Throwback Thursday: Sony’s Weird ‘PlayStation 9’ Commercial (VIDEO)

The early 2000s was an exciting time for gaming and PlayStation 2 was sitting atop competitors as the most successful console of that generation. At a point, Sony surely saw…

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PlayStation Now Download Games

PlayStation Now Finally Adds Downloadable Games, With One Big Exception

Whether we like it or not, the presence of on-demand services are all but certain in the future of gaming, with Sony, Microsoft, and even Nintendo rolling out their own…

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Throwback Thursday Space Invaders Gritty Reboot

Throwback Thursday: That Time Space Invaders Got A Gritty Reboot (VIDEO)

Space Invaders is a game players both young and old instantly recognize, the retro title’s innovative and addictive gameplay enduring many years past its release in 1978. The arcade classic…

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PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2 Life-Support Declared Dead By Sony

The PlayStation 2 – a powerhouse of a console throughout its generation. One that players still find comfort in with some of their absolute favorite titles. The 18-year-old device is…

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