Kid Ultra is Battleborn’s New Playable Character

New Battleborn Character Kid Ultra

Battleborn is getting a new playable character added to its roster, and with him comes a fun backstory to introduce him into the mix. Kid Ultra, a robotic hero, will be available for download on November 3rd for the game on all platforms, with Season Pass and Digital Deluxe Edition owners having advance access to Kid Ultra right now. While he will be a character free to download, players will have to pay 47,500 credits to unlock him in-game.

A press release on the official Battleborn website detailed Kid Ultra’s backstory, which involved him originally being created as a robot designed for childcare purposes. Naturally, the programming he was given to nurture youth included a vast library of children’s cartoons, comics, movies and video games. However, these were the only sources of information uploaded into his before the artificial intelligence that governed him went offline. He then spent years actively fighting crime before he was recruited by the Battleborn and outfitted with weaponry.

New Battleborn Character Kid Ultra

His arsenal includes a rocket launcher that shoots six rapid-fire rockets, a drone that can follow and gradually heal an ally, and a hover-mode that both gives him enhanced mobility upon activation, as well as a health recharge to him and his team upon deactivation.

Kid Ultra definitely seems like his innocent nature will give him a unique place to exist in alongside the rest of the Battleborn roster. I just hope his pre-programmed library of video games does not include that other multiplayer shooter with a wide variety of characters that would keep him from spending time with his Battleborn friends and making them feel especially neglected. What do you guys think? Do you think you’ll play as Kid Ultra? Will he fit in with the rest of the team? Let us know in the comments section!

If you have to wait until November to unlock Kid Ultra, why not check out the Halloween Gears of War 4 Pumpkin Ball mode, or perhaps the Destiny: Festival of the Lost update? Read about them and future Battleborn updates here on Don’t Feed the Gamers!

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