Kevin Conroy Confirms the Batman Arkham Series is Done – “Sorry” (VIDEO)

Batman Arkham Series is Done – "Sorry" (VIDEO)

Ever since the Batman Arkham franchise began with Arkham Asylum, the series has found great success and has since spawned several follow-up titles and numerous tie-in media. The latest game by Rocksteady Studios, Arkham Knight, was to be the final game in their Batman trilogy releasing back in 2015 for current generation platforms. A side-story VR game and remaster of the first two titles have since released as well.

Even as rumors of sequels, prequels, or spin-offs have swirled in the past, nothing has yet to materialize from the developer or publisher WB Games. Now it seems hopeful fans should avoid holding their breath, because according to the the Dark Knight’s voice actor Kevin Conroy, a new Batman Arkham game is not in the cards.

During a fan Q&A at Wizard World in Nashville, Tennessee, Conroy spoke candidly when asked about the future of the Arkhamverse, confirming that no plans are in motion to make another game. He went on to express his surprise that the franchise would not move forward despite the success that it has had so far, later saying “sorry” for delivering the bad news to those in attendance.

You know, I can’t believe that they’re not going to do another one, but they’re not. Isn’t that amazing?” Conroy said. “They made literally billions of dollars on those games, but no. There’s no plan to do another one. Sorry.”

Longtime fans of the Batman Arkham games know to never say never when it comes to additional entries. Warner Bros. had previously developed Arkham Origins apart from Rocksteady to a pretty warm reception. The prequel title also made use of the talents of Roger Craig Smith as a younger Batman, rather than the veteran voice of Kevin Conroy. It’s possible that WB Games could be moving forward with more Arkham games as they did with Origins, presumably leaving Conroy out of the fold, but the lack of any kind of news or announcement from WB doesn’t make it likely.

What do you think? Do you think more Batman Arkham games could release down the line, or is the franchise truly ended for good? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! for the latest Batman news, check out these next few articles:

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