June Hitman Content Announced as Developer IO Interactive Experiences Layoffs

june hitman content 2017

Recently, Hitman developer IO Interactive made the tough decision to lay off a portion of their staff, a measure prompted by publisher Square Enix’s announcement to sell off the company. At risk of financial free fall, the developer began to shift the entirety of its resources towards creating new content for their latest Hitman game simply titled Hitman. Now, IO Interactive has announced the upcoming June Hitman content, which includes updated contracts, a brand new Elusive Target mission, and a substantial update across all supported platforms.

june hitman content 2017

June’s first bit of content, out now, contains two Escalation Contracts: one taking place in Sapienza, Italy and the other in Bangkok, Thailand. The former of the two, titled “Spaggiari Subversion”, makes use of Hitman‘s “Landslide” Bonus Mission and adds the challenge 5 different stages. Three targets need to be assassinated who use a varied weapon and disguise restrictions to keep players on their toes.

The new Bangkok Escalation Contract, “Asya Attunement”, also includes 5 stages, but is moderately more weapon-based. Players need to overcome shotguns, laser tripwires, exterminators, enforcers and kill streaks. Alongside the Escalation Contracts, 10 new Featured Contracts also make their debut, each one having been created by members of Hitman‘s online community.

june hitman content 2017

June Hitman content will also contain the release of Elusive Target #25. The penultimate addition to the mode, not much else has been revealed about the mission other than its setting of Hokkaido, Japan. IO has chosen to keep most details under wraps for the time being, but teased an eventual reveal in the coming weeks. In the final days of June, Hitman will receive a mandatory update across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Linux versions of the game. IO again, refused to spill the beans about any specifics, only teasing the exciting inclusion of what’s to come.

“We’re very excited to talk about what it includes.” IO teased. “Full release notes and exact timings for this update will also be shared as we get closer to its release date.”

june hitman content 2017

IO’s monetary woes began earlier this year when parent company Square Enix began shifting its focus towards “key franchises”, leaving Hitman‘s future uncertain. While IO still has yet to officially announce any new investors, this continued wave of content does inspire confidence in the company’s survival, at least for the immediate future. There’s currently no word on who could be courting them, but we’ll inform you of any new updates here at Don’t Feed the Gamers and on our official Twitter.

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