Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2 DLC Teased by Ed Boon

Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2

Ed Boon, co-founder of NetherRealm Studios, is at it again, folks. The Creative Director for the company’s latest title, Injustice 2, has once again taken to Twitter to tease what’s to come for the DC fighting game. This time, however, his clues for the Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2 DLC (downloadable content) aren’t revealing anything obvious. Check out Boon’s post below:

There are a few things about the photo accompanying Ed Boon’s post worth mentioning. The first is that Boon has made it abundantly clear that the Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2 will be announced during this year’s GamesCom. Secondly, the concrete and rubble seem to be an ongoing theme in the Injustice 2 reveal trailers. As fans may recall with the original announcement trailer – Batman, Superman, Flash, Supergirl, and Aquaman all face off in this underground concrete lair that resembles a subway, sewer, or Lou’s Tavern from Fight Club. When the first fighter pack was announced, Red Hood, Starfire, and Sub Zero faced off here as well.

The last thing worth mentioning is that the photo Boon posted reveals absolutely nothing. Fans have already brightened the image to see if there’s an inkling of a hint as to who will be included in the next Fighter Pack, but to no avail. Some fans have began reaching into the depths of hope for answers such as Clayface, Doomsday, Beast Boy, and even Raven based on the image. How they’ve drawn those conclusions is a mystery in itself. One of the best responses to Ed Boon’s Injustice 2 Fighter Pack post was this gem:

GamesCom will be running from August 22nd through the 26th, so we will find out shortly who has made it to the roster. The DC Comics fighter and the first Fighter Pack are available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2 release date has yet to be revealed, but that information will most likely come during the announcement at GamesCom.

Who do you think will be included in Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2? Which characters outside of the realm of DC comics would you like to see in the game? Who’s your main fighter? Let us know in the comments section below. Be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter to stay up to date on the hottest news in gaming and entertainment via our 24/7 live news feed.

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