Horror Game by Ex-BioShock Devs ‘Perception’ is Headed to Xbox One (VIDEO)

echo bluff estate perception

Perception, the in-development horror game from The Deep End Games, is now confirmed for the Xbox One! Deep End, a team consisting of former BioShock and Dead Space developers, is assembling once again in the noble effort of scaring our pee-soaked pants off. The announcement, coming to us from Xbox, was finally confirmed for the current-gen Microsoft console after being announced for PC and PlayStation 4 earlier this year. An eerie trailer showcasing the game’s unique visual-sound mechanic was released on YouTube following the announcement.

Xbox’s synopsis for Perception teases a bit of the game’s mysterious plot:

“You play as Cassie, a blind woman whose nightmares about a haunted mansion have plagued her for months. She finally decides to go to the mansion to solve the mystery, but there’s more to this estate than she ever dreamed. She must use her wits, her smartphone, and her echolocation abilities to unravel the tortured history of the place and escape with her life.”

Perception was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter nearly two years ago, reaching its $150,000 goal just a few days before the campaign deadline. Backers were surely taken by the game’s intriguing, yet terrifying echolocation visuals, represented by blue smoky waves illuminating an otherwise empty abyss. The result is reminiscent of the “Shadow World” effect featured in the 2003 superhero film Daredevil.

perception daredevil comparison

Protagonist Cassie Thornton’s journey inside the mysterious mansion gives her more than she bargains for when the estate houses a mysterious Presence that stalks the player throughout the game. Cassie’s investigation into the haunted house’s origins takes her on a trip across different eras, witnessing several iterations of the mansion and its previous inhabitants. We’re guessing the last few tenants didn’t get their security deposit back (because they died).

the presence perception
Are you dying to play Perception? What do you think of the visual echo game mechanic? Let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to blindly follow DFTG on Twitter and Facebook for up-to-date coverage on everything nerdy! You can blindly explore these next few links for more horror-themed articles! …Boo!

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