Here’s a First Look at the New Man-Thing Comic Miniseries by R.L. Stine

Warning! Spoilers ahead! R.L. Stine, the author of the famed Goosebumps series, is writing a brand new Man-Thing miniseries along with the comic artist, German Peralta. The original Man-Thing was Dr. Theodore Sallis and he first appeared in Savage Tales #1 in May of 1971. Created by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, and Gerry Conway, the creature went on to be featured throughout several comics including his very own. The big, slow, empathetic swamp monster lived in the Florida Everglades and it looks like Stine is staying true to the original comics in that respect. He is making SOME changes though, like giving Man-Thing the chance to become Ted Sallis once more.

“An ancient and mysterious danger threatens reality, and Man-Thing will have to choose between his new life and the place he once called home!”

Marvel released the first few pages of Stine’s Man-Thing #1, which shows us Ted Sallis, one of the world’s leading biochemists, driving with the serum he made, trying to recreate the formula that gave us Captain America. Unfortunately, some bad guys are following him and he is forced to inject himself with the serum in order to keep it out of their hands.

Then as he’s crashing into the swamp, he begins to change. His skin comes off and then is replaced with a new skin, his mind changes, and becomes more beast like as he loses his humanity and his self. Sallis becomes the Man-Thing.


Man-Thing #1 will be available March 8th. You can check out the next couple pages in the gallery below along with some variant covers by Billy Martin, Tyler Crook, John Tyler Christopher, Francesco Francavilla, Ron Lim, and Stephanie Hans. Are you excited for the new series? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and make sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter!


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