Heaven Will Be Mine Combines Lesbians, Mechs, Sexting


Some games defy classification and need to craft entirely new genres. Heaven Will Be Mine falls into this category. Dubbed a “queer science fiction mecha visual novel,” the title from Pillow Fight Games dropped on Steam yesterday. Your objectives, in no particular order, are “joyriding mecha, kissing your enemies, and fighting gravity’s pull.” That’s a fascinating mix that I cannot wait to see in action.

Players choose to play as one of a trio of lesbian mech pilots. Luna-Terra, the “veteran ace;” Pluto, an “overwhelming super psychic;” and “hacker-hijacker” Saturn each offer unique options. Players can only see certain scenes via each character, making multiple playthroughs a necessity.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the game is the ability to sext your enemies. I’m unsure whether this results in horrific mech crashes, which could be both awesome and a powerful PSA. Either way, it’s an intriguing take on the typical flirting visual novels tend to employ. Choices determine whether your character becomes lovers or rivals with the other factions, so choose wisely.

None of this means that the developers ignored the plot in favor of a heavily sexualized game. In fact, most of the game’s Steam page is dedicated to the story rather than the romance. By reading the catalog of mails and chat logs, players discover a deep and intricate world. Set in an alternate 1981, the story takes place near the end of an intergalactic war. Earth recognizes that the struggle failed and prepares to end the conflict. However, an eight-day war breaks out between a trio of factions. The game allows players to help determine which faction wins the war, if they so choose. If not, they can always go for the romance route and leave the fighting behind. No judgements from the devs or this author.

Visual novels typically fail to strike a chord with me, but Heaven Will Be Mine piques my interest. The end of war storyline offers multiple possibilities, and I do love me some mechs. The music from the trailer is positively addicting and worthy of a purchase on its own. If the writing measures up to the sound and the visuals, this could be another cult hit.

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