Velma Scooby-Doo

Live-Action Scooby-Doo Film Velma Was Intended To Be Gay, Says James Gunn

With the internet allowing for marginalized voices to make themselves seen and heard, artistic mediums have followed suit and have responded with greater representation of such previously less than visible…

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The Sims Pride Parade Event Will Virtually Celebrate LGBTQ+ Players

As the world’s population is well aware at this point, the coronavirus pandemic has shaken society’s ability to hold large events. Commercial events like San Diego Comic Con and E3…

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Heaven Will Be Mine Combines Lesbians, Mechs, Sexting

Some games defy classification and need to craft entirely new genres. Heaven Will Be Mine falls into this category. Dubbed a “queer science fiction mecha visual novel,” the title from…

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overwatch lgbt

Blizzard Revisits Old Fan Inquirries – LGBTQ Character Revelation Inbound (VIDEO)

Last year it was announced at The World of Overwatch panel at Blizzcon that there were one or more LGBT heroes in Bizzard’s game Overwatch. Fans began getting excited and even…

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