Harry Potter Wizards Unite Trailer Brings The Wizarding World to AR (VIDEO)

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Trailer Brings The Wizarding World to AR (VIDEO)

Despite the original film series ending nearly a decade ago and the book series not long before that, the Harry Potter franchise continues to be one of the most perennial IP’s out there. Films with new characters are continuing to build upon the Wizarding World, and the franchise has also ventured into video games to keep the magic alive, including a new RPG mobile game that let players enroll into Hogwarts. Many pointed out that Harry Potter would be perfect for an AR game like Pokémon Go, and now that potential has been realized with a new Harry Potter Wizards Unite trailer.

Warner Bros. Interactive and Niantic have released the new Harry Potter Wizards Unite trailer, previewing the feel of the new AR game. The trailer presents candid footage from real life locations that suddenly find themselves inhabited by magic creatures and enchanted items, like a Niffler and flying brooms. The premise of the game will be for the players to seek out and capture these magical creatures and items, much like Pokémon Go. Niantic, the developer behind Pokémon Go, is creating this game, so expect this AR game to perform and play similarly to how Pokémon Go does.

The game will reportedly feature more RPG elements than Pokémon Go, including potion-making and skill tree systems. The trailer does not mention a release date or window for the game, but some countries have begun to make a beta of the title available for testing, so it might not be long before it sees its full release. Hopefully the game makes the Wizarding World come alive like it never has before, and makes wizards out of many muggles.

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