Halo TV Series Will Feature Master Chief And Dr. Halsey

Halo TV Series Will Feature Master Chief, Dr. Halsey

Showtime has been publically underway on a Halo TV series for a while now with quite a few talented creatives joining the ambitious project over the last few months. Recent developments saw showrunner Kyle Killen and prolific Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg jump on board as filming was finally confirmed to begin.

New information via The Hollywood Reporter, has now given even more insight into what we can expect for the live-action Halo series, namely an appearance from series protagonist Master Chief. Revealed in casting notices obtained by the outlet, the role of John/Master Chief was confirmed, calling for appropriate actors who can portray “a Spartan-like warrior of large build.”

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That description pretty much captures what we’d expect Chief to look like, mostly because gamers have never been shown his face before. Despite this, it’s noted that we may see more of Master Chief than expected for the upcoming series, as the iconic Halo character is currently billed as a “series regular.” For context, this is a contrast to a guest appearance or supporting role that traditionally features a character sporadically at best.

The helmeted head-honcho wasn’t the only character confirmed for the series as the familiar name of Dr. Halsey and Jenny were also said to be floating around. The former is likely in reference to Dr. Catherine Halsey, an integral character in Halo lore as she spearheads the SPARTAN-II super-soldier program that initially recruits Master Chief. It’s unknown who the latter Jenny might be, but a fellow doctor or Spartan soldier wouldn’t seem to be out of the question.

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While previous reports suggested a Fall filming commencement, production has now been set to start in June 2019, making an ultimate 2020 launch a likely possibility. Officially, the Halo TV series is currently without a premiere date.

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