Halo Recruit Brings the Franchise into the World of Mixed Reality

Halo Recruit

Halo is a franchise that has many memories attached to it for Xbox players, so with the growing popularity of Virtual Reality; it only makes sense that this renowned franchise makes its moves into the next step of gaming technology. Halo Recruit is that next move as 343 Industries brings the beloved series into the world of mixed reality with the Windows headsets. Even better, it’s coming sooner than we all thought: this month!

Though it’s not exactly the next step that many anticipated, it does take the futuristic title into a more immersive direction. To see what Halo Recruit offers both new and old fans, take a look at the First Look trailer below:

It’s not a huge first look but it does give an opportunity to see a bit of how the controls work both with combat and basic movement. Halo Recruit comes from the Endeavor One, a VR company hailing from Seattle, and 343 Industries. Info about well-known creatures from the franchise can be learned about in more details, and players can test their skills at the gun range and compare notes with the highest score. More is expected to come from the title, but at launch it will essentially be a Halo-themed virtual gun range … and we’re actually OK with that.

Halo Recruit will be available on October 17th specifically for Windows Mixed Reality headsets and will be free to play! What did you think about the Halo range? Being free, do you think this is something neat to check out for Halo fans, or sort of a waste of time? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below – and don’t forget to check out Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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