Halo Infinite 4-Player Splitscreen Confirmed, Halo: Reach Customization

Halo Infinite 4-Player Splitscreen Confirmed, Halo: Reach Customization

343 Industries has been quite busy as of late revealing new information for Halo Infinite. While the developer has for the most part been quiet about the latest entry in the iconic series, a recent livestream has revealed several new pieces of information about Halo Infinite, including the return of a feature that was absent in Halo 5: Guardians.

In a recent livestream, 343 Industries revealed that fans can once again look forward to four person splitscreen gameplay, something that was notably absent in Halo 5. Last year it was revealed that all future Halo titles would ship with split screen modes, though until now it wasn’t specifically confirmed for Halo Infinite. During the livestream, it was also revealed that the game would feature player customization inspired by Halo: Reach. This is of course a boon, given how critically positive the reception was when the title released back in 2010. Here’s some of the other bits of information revealed during the livestream, courtesy of the Halo: Reach subreddit:

  • Black Undersuits confirmed (again) for Infinite, they pointed out what black undersuits specifically mean (“All parts of armor that isn’t the metal pieces” (paraphrase)) and that the art department (sparth) is well aware of the high demand for black undersuits

  • Halo Infinite Slipspace engine was developed with PC in mind (different hardware combinations ETC), and that PC will be “treated as a first-class citizen”, but that halo PC flighting programs may come later than the other flights, due to technical challenges with developing for PC. AntiCheat for PC was already confirmed earlier this year.

  • Players who reach level 152 in Halo 5 will receive a special reward in Halo: Infinite

  • Slipspace Engine is not completely made from scratch, elements from previous Halo’s were used

  • In response to requests for more customization in Halo 5 (new armor/emblems/etc) 343 guys said that they were “running out of things to add to Halo: 5” – seems like they want to wind down development on Halo: 5 and focus full-time on infinite.

  • Flighting Programs for Infinite will start small but over time will have more and more players, will be opt-in, and will be happening right up to release. I would assume these would start Late 2019. They’ll likely have public beta testing in 2020.

  • 343 are in the process of starting a Halo: Infinite Pro Team, but they insisted they want Infinite to be approachable by all skill levels, and by players new and old.

So, thoughts on the newly revealed information? What else would you like to see confirmed for the upcoming game? Let us know in the comments section below, and as always, stay tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers for all the latest gaming and entertainment news! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for our 24/7 news feed!

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