Halo Battle Royale April Fool’s Teaser Makes Us Want The Real Thing

Halo Battle Royale April Fool's Teaser Makes Us Wish This Was Really A Thing

With April Fool’s Day now at a close, gamers are finally letting their guards down and once again beginning to put their trust in members of the gaming industry. While some of the April Fool’s Day announcements were obviously fakes, others, like the newly announced Halo Battle Royale game, were so intricately detailed and earnest that it made Halo fans wish that it was actually a thing.

Announced by 343 Industries over on the Halo subreddit, the phony Halo Battle Royale game puts Master Chief on a mysterious new Halo ring, while the Spartan IVs in training are put into a new Warzone Simulation titled Range, Ordnance Yield, Assault and Local Engagement, AKA Battle ‘Royale’. Here’s the full breakdown by 343 Industries:

“Battle Royale is an advanced simulation using the newest in reversed engineered Forerunner technology that was recovered from the planet Requiem before its destruction. This simulation drops 100 Spartans feet-first into iconic and recognizable battlefields throughout the Halo universe. Armed with only their wits and a Magnum, these Spartans must scavenge the battlefield for various weapons and vehicles that have been scattered about. The last Spartan to survive will claim victory among the rest, and will receive rewards within the UNSC Defense Force.

Every Spartan is unique, and is able to be customized to the player’s content. With special features seen throughout previous Halo titles, as well as some new goodies we will get to later on this month, players will be able to customize almost every aspect of their Spartan. Players will gain REQ Points as they complete games and prove their skills, and will be able to progress through ranks to receive rewards like armor, weapon and vehicle skins, grenade explosion effects, armor pieces, new drop pods, and even legendary Characters seen in previous Halo titles. These rewards will not affect your skills on the battlefield, because as a Spartan, you must prove yourself in battle.

Like the Sustain plan seen in Halo 5: Guardians, the Halo: Battle Royale simulation will be regularly updated each month with new weapons, armor, skins, and legendary characters. There will also be a new playable map every few months, so you will always have fresh and exciting new venues to test your merits in! Returning from previous games in the Halo series, weekly and daily challenges will be available to all players; here are some examples below:”

  • Takedown: Kill 4 enemy Spartans in a single match.
  • Hyper Lethal Vector: In one week, kill 100 Spartans in any online game mode.
  • Hidden League Gaming: Get to 2nd place, or better, with no kills in a match.
  • To the Victor…: Claim first place in any online game mode.
  • Eleven Percent: Sprint 300 Meters in one match.

The post finishes by announcing the ‘Spartan Pass’ for Halo Battle Royale, which, starting at $3.99 per month, will increase EXP and other rewards gained by players. Spartan Pass holders will also receive new rewards each week.

If the Halo Battle Royale game hadn’t been announced on April Fool’s Day, fans would be all over it. As it is the comments section of the post is filled with people saying that, with a few minor tweaks, the game would be a must-play. Given that the game is marketed as free for Xbox Live Gold members, we can only hope that 343 Industries decides to move forward with this and give the people what they want!

So, thoughts on the fake Halo Battle Royale game? Would you play it, were it really a thing? Let us know in the comments section below, and as always, stay tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers for all the latest gaming and entertainment news! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for our 24/7 news feed!

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