Godfall 4K Combat Trailer Gives Us A Look Into In-Game Battle (VIDEO)


The YouTube channel for Godfall recently released their latest trailer in 4K highlighting the combat for the game. The trailer highlights a few different enemy types and showcases particular combat maneuvers and weaponry we can expect in game. As the trailer continues it’s hard not to see some weapon types that may feel similar to those in Dauntless. Though the colors are vivid and certainly enough to do more than catch the eye of the viewer. Take a look for yourself below:

Godfall is an action RPG that is being developed by Counterplay Games (Destiny 2) with Gearbox as it’s publisher. The game was the first to be confirmed for release on PlayStation 5 and will be available on PC as well through the Epic Games store. According to the Godfall website you play as one of the last Valorian Knights. That means that you are a master of combat and you come equipped with arm called Valorplates which just so happens to be legendary.

Feedback on the video has been mixed with comments ranging from people questioning the level of saturation of color, stating that the game looks boring, or looks good for a mobile game. Of course there are still those who believe that it looks good as well and are excited to play it. It seems that the reviews have been mixed since the announcement of the game. The Godfall YouTube channel (at the time of publishing) only has 823 subscribers with the 4K trailer being the second most popular video.

Godfall is currently available for pre-order through Epic Games and comes with three separate editions all of which have been detailed here.

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