God Of War Director Discusses ‘The Last Of Us’ Comparisons

God Of War Director Discusses 'The Last Of Us' Comparisons

God of War is a melting pot of a game, one that takes elements from loads of other different titles and seamlessly integrates them into arguably the best game of the decade. Even game director Cory Barlog has likened some aspects of the game to soccer, so really nothing is off the table at this point. One of the titles God of War is often compared to is The Last of Us, which honestly makes quite a lot of sense from a character growth and interaction perspective. Now, in a recent interview with GamingBolt, director Cory Barlog opens up about the comparison, and why he likes it.

“The thing with The Last of Us, is, for me, I think a lot of people mean it as a dig, which I’ve never really understood,” Barlog explained. “Like, “oh, you’re just doing your own Last of Us”, so, o-Kay. One, I am incredibly inspired by Neil and his team, they are absolutely otherworldly with their abilities and how talented they are and how much they bring to and elevate the medium. And I think to me, I would love to be considered as somebody alongside, or even within the proximity of someone who helped elevate the work that we do.”

God Of War Director Discusses 'The Last Of Us' Comparisons

Later in the interview Barlog then reveals how thrilled he was to have God of War compared to The Last of Us. “I will never ever be bothered by the fact that we are being compared to The Last of Us, because I think it’s truly a watershed moment in our industry. So to be considered in the same vein as that is fantastic. But I think it shortsells any idea when you say there’s a similar part to something else, like “aw man, The Avengers is ripping off Batman. You’ve got people running around in outfits”. Of course, there are outfitted people and there’s superhero stuff, but it’s not just ripping off Batman.

I think we’re all inspired by each other. We’re all riffing on each other.”

“At the end of the day, every one of us is ripping off stories from the Greeks and from the Bard, and from everything. There’s nothing new, even “new” is inspired by something. We’re all , either consciously or unconsciously, we’re inspired. I think that’s a good thing.”

God of War is now available exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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