God Of War Director Debunks Sequel Theories Following New Documentary (VIDEO)

New God Of War Director Debunks Sequel Theories Following New Documentary (VIDEO)

Santa Monica Studio’s release of God of War has turned out to be quite the epic achievement, having been recognized by fans as well as the industry for its all-around triumph of the gaming medium. This recognition continues to today during God of War’s one-year anniversary, where devs have shown appreciation towards fans with an appropriately Kratos-themed celebration. The latest of these festivities recently announced Raising Kratos, a new documentary recounting God of War’s arduous development for the PlayStation 4.

While the above trailer depicts a truly interesting chronicle of development, it seems the creative journey of Game Director Cory Barlog wasn’t the only intriguing moment that caught fans’ eye. One scene in particular had fans buzzing by the looks of a recent thread on ResetEra, users speculating a possible God of War sequel (or prequel) was being teased in the trailer’s closing moments.

The clip in question sees main character Kratos emerging from a dark cave, the iconic Spartan slowly turning to reveal his presence to fans. Despite nothing too surprising taking place, it’s obvious this sliver of footage was designed with hype in mind, lending credibility to theories surmising Kratos’ next adventure may not be too far off. Unfortunately, it appears this is not the case, as Cory Barlog has now squashed all speculation over social media.

Confirmed in a new Twitter post, Barlog explained the intriguing footage was originally an unused reveal trailer for the new God of War. The plan was for the shadowy teaser to appear as an Easter egg on the PS4 remaster of God of War III, but this idea would eventually get the axe before it could come to fruition. However, Barlog notes this decision may have been a blessing in disguise as the game’s reveal at E3 2016 proved to be much more impacful in his opinion.

While it doesn’t appear a second “God of War II” is going to be teased anytime soon, there’s still plenty to enjoy for the first game’s anniversary celebration. In addition to some nifty PS4 goodies, there’s also the documentary itself Raising Kratos, which aims to lift the curtain on God of War’s monumental development; following Cory Barlog and Santa Monica Studio in their epic endeavor to redefine the Ghost of Sparta. A full synopsis for the documentary can be read below:

Raising Kratos documents the five year, herculean effort to reinvent one of the greatest stories in gaming, God of War. Facing an unknown future, Santa Monica Studio took a massive risk, fundamentally changing their beloved franchise and re-establishing their rightful place in video game history. More than just a “making of,” this cinematic journey of second chances rooted in family, sacrifice, struggle and doubt follows game director Cory Barlog and those who chase perfection in art and storytelling. Witness the incredible defeats, the unpredictable outcomes and the down-to-the-wire tension on full display in this true-life redemption story.”

Raising Kratos doesn’t have a release date as of yet, but PlayStation confirms it will release “soon” on their official YouTube channel.

What do you think? Are you bummed that a God of War sequel isn’t being teased, or are you just looking forward to the documentary? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter and Facebook to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more headlines recently featured on DFTG, check out these next few news stories:

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