Genshin Impact ‘Marvelous Merchandise’ Event Details Revealed

Genshin Impact 'Marvelous Merchandise' Event Details Revealed

The open-world gacha game that is Genshin Impact is continuing to crank out updates and new events for its ever-growing fanbase, with developer MiHoYo recently revealing the title’s latest new character, the anime version of League of Legends’ Ziggs. Now, the developer has announced its new ‘Marvelous Merchandise’ event, which will have players chasing around an npc in the hopes of obtaining, er, mystery boxes?

MiHoYo took to its Genshin Impact website to reveal some initial details for its Marvelous Merchandise event. Kicking off on October 26 at 4am server time and running until November 2nd,  the event tasks players with finding the merchant Liben, who will give players one mystery box per day, every day during the event. The trick will be finding Liben each day, as it’s currently unknown just ‘how’ players will know where they are outside of, you know, scouring the entire map.

Here’s the official breakdown of the event courtesy of MiHoYo:

  • Liben will appear at various locations across Teyvat throughout the event period.
  • Liben will offer Travelers a total of 7 different Boxes o’ Marvels. Each box can only be obtained once.
  • Travelers can only gain 1 chance per day to open a Box o’ Marvels. If the chance to open a box for the day is not used, it will remain available until the event ends. If necessary, Travelers can use all of their chances at once anytime before the event ends.
  • Once the event is over, any unused chances to open Boxes o’ Marvels will be lost. Don’t forget to use your chances to claim rewards before the event ends!

As mentioned, the Marvelous Merchandise event runs October 26 through November 2nd.

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