Free Weekend for Rainbow Six Siege, and 50% Discount

For those of you that have been eyeballing Rainbow Six Siege but you weren’t sure if it was worth a hit to your wallet, you can now try it out for free on PS4 and PC this entire weekend! This isn’t a demo or some kind of capped version of the game, but rather it’s the full version unlocked from Friday through Sunday.

The free weekend also comes with a generous 50% discount on both platforms, so if you decide that you want to add it to your library permanently, you can do so without breaking your bank.

Rainbow Six Siege is an online only competitive shooter, so if you aren’t down to play with and against other people, don’t even bother. As of right now, there are 5 modes, mainly variations of capture the zone, and it is frequently compared to the popular Counter Strike Global Offence.


Rainbow Six Siege has gained critical acclaim from those who enjoy tactical shooters, but don’t be turned off by the concept if that isn’t your “type of game” after all, it’s free for 72 hours, so what have you got to lose? The game also has a positive reputation for having a generally accepting community, and there will be a large influx of newer players over the weekend, so you definitely won’t be alone.

Are you going to play Rainbow Six Siege over the weekend? Perhaps we’ll see you online! If you’re a veteran of the game, share some pointers with us in the comments!

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