Rapper Drake Helps Fortnite Streamer Break Concurrent Viewing Record On Twitch (VIDEO)

Fortnite has quickly risen to new heights of popularity. The game’s colorful aesthetics and building mechanics have allowed the battle royale mode that became so vastly popular, and it has also become a fan-favorite among livestreamers. While some stories fall on the negative side such as a recent swatting prank that befell a 12-year old player, others captivate audiences in positive ways. This was the case with a Twitch streamer that broke the record for most concurrent viewers on a single stream with the help of some major celebrity names like recording artist Drake and various others.

Things start to get interesting around the 3:30:00 mark when rapper and singer Drake joins Ninja’s voice chat and tweets out the livestream link half an hour later. This tweet helped Ninja break the record for most concurrent viewers on a single, non-tournament Twitch livestream with over 600,000 views simultaneously. The previous record was due in part by the infamous DrDisrespect at 388,000 viewers.

However, Drake was not the only celebrity combatant in this session. Not long after the recording artist hopped on in the game, rapper Travis Scott and Steelers receiver Juju Smith-Schuster joined the fun. During the stream, the artist reveals many facts about his fandom for Fortnite, which he has played between long studio recording sessions the past few months. Furthermore, his frequent viewings of Ninja’s livestreams prompted him to follow Ninja on Instagram last week.

Drake also snacked on vegetarian pizza during the stream and confirmed his preference for pineapple as a topping. This experience was perhaps best summed up in one moment where Drake revives Ninja and says “God’s Plan.” Given the success of this livestream and the flood of new subscribers, Ninja might very well believe that it is “God’s Plan”.

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