Final Fantasy XV’s ’72-Hour Boss’ Defeated in Significantly Shorter Time Span [UPDATED]

Final Fantasy XV's 72-hour boss Adamantoise

Final Fantasy XV has only been out for a day and the game’s supposed 72-hour boss battle with Adamantoise has been defeated in just an hour’s time.

Final Fantasy XV's 72-hour boss Adamantoise
During Conan O’Brien’s hilarious Clueless Gamer video for Final Fantasy XV, the comedian went on a quest investigating a series of unnaturally occurring earthquakes. He eventually caught up to the boss Adamantoise, a frighteningly massive tortoise so large it carried a mountain on its back. O’Brien’s handler assured him that the towering creature would take 72 hours of real-world time to defeat. This claim was met with a lot of skepticism from Conan and viewers of the video as gaming for three days straight would generally be considered the opposite of a fun time.

The claim of 72-hour boss fight was debunked when game director Hajime Tabata commented that the actual Adamantoise battle would be considerably shorter– about 15 hours long. That length seemed to be a more comfortable pill to swallow for completionist gamers, but not by much. Since nobody had yet attempted to defeat the monster, the online community were left to wonder which of the ridiculously long time spans were correct.

YouTube user PowerPyx answered everyone’s question with a solid ‘neither’. The let’s-player uploaded a video where he defeated the supposed 72-hour boss in the span of a 51 minute video.

Sure, PowerPyx’s character is considerably upgraded at level 69 and all their attacks are maxed-out, but the video demonstrates that defeating the large tortoise under an hour can be done given proper preparation.

This huge time difference is a far cry from the previous claim of a 15-hour boss fight, but it does make approaching a post-game battle with Adamantoise slightly less tedious. Slightly.

Does news of a shorter fight convince you to try your hand at slaying Adamantoise? Are you disappointed that the 72-hour boss battle rumor was debunked? Are you a pacifist and don’t want to cause harm to anyone or anything? Good on you, buddy.

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