Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack Announced For Minecraft

Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack Announced For Minecraft

The first time we saw prince Noctis and friends was on the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XV, which featured stellar graphics that made excellent use of Sony’s at-the-time latest console. Then, we saw an even cuter, less pixelated version of the boy band in Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, which took all our favorite characters from the Square Enix RPG and chibi-fied them. Now it appears that Noctis and the gang have, devolved even further, as Mojang has announced a Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack for Minecraft, featuring our favorite prince, photographer, chef, and meat shield.

Announced over on the Minecraft website, the Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack is now available for purchase, featuring the beloved foursome from FFXV. Of course, those aren’t the only characters skins available. The skin pack comes with 43 different characters, ranging from Ardyn to Ramuh to  a very strange looking Moogle. The skin pack runs for $2.99, and it is now available for purchase.

Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack Announced For Minecraft

If the Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack is well-received, who knows what other FF-related skin packs we may see for Minecraft further down the line? Many folks would undoubtedly love to run around Minecraft as Cloud, Sephiroth, Lightning, you name it. The market is certainly there.

Final Fantasy XV is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Minecraft is available on all mainstream platforms.

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