Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Release Date Leaked Early

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Despite first releasing over a year ago, fans of Final Fantasy XV are still celebrating the game that was lost in development for a long period before its launch. To further breathe even more life into the iteration of the Final Fantasy universe introduced in XV, two new versions of the game are being released. The Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition will release in March as a definite version of the game, and a mobile adaptation of the game with a new art style, The Pocket Edition, which features adorable chibi versions of Noctis and the crew. Now, the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition release date may have finally been revealed.


The listing for Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition has appeared on the iOS App Store, and if it is in fact correct, the app will be available for iPhone users on February 9th this year. The game is reportedly going to be an episodic recreation of the Final Fantasy XV story, so it appears that this initial free download will consist of the first chapter, with the additional chapters available for in-app purchases. No official price has been given, but many believe the purchasing of all episodes will have a total price of $19.99, which is the price of many of Square Enix’s bigger games on iOS.

The episodes will still follow the story of Prince Noctis’s journey to marry Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae, as well as all the major twists and turns that come before and after. The new art style in Pocket Edition gives the universe a much different visual tone, yet still feels like the world of XV. For many who haven’t played the console version, this will certainly be an interesting way to experience Noctis’s story. What do you guys think about the listed Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition release date? Let us know in the comments below!

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