Fan Makes Hogwarts Theme Park on Planet Coaster and It Looks Magical (VIDEO)

Game studio Frontier Developments is great at making sandbox games with theme parks. One of these games called Planet Coaster allows players to really get creative with their theme park designs. A player has gotten so creative that he decided to build Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter movies/books. MotGames documented the entire build from start to finish on his YouTube channel. Here is a video of the finished product:

In the video he gives a full tour of the Hogwarts Park and we get to check everything out. He says that the park entrance actually has nothing to do with Harry Potter and that he actually built it before deciding to build the castle. The main street of the park was inspired by Hogsmeade pictured below.


All of the houses on the street light up at night and some of the buildings are unfinished so that you if you download the park you can customize them yourself. If you go through a door in Hogsmeade it will take you to Diagon Alley which he said was made 3rd after the castle and then Hogsmeade. He even made Gringotts Bank complete with a dragon.


If you travel through certain doors there are rides and if you venture down an alley you will end up in Knockturn Alley. MotGames modeled Hogwarts after the Universal Studios model. The castle he built has nothing inside yet, but it’s pretty to look at. He even built Hagrid’s house, the quidditch stadium, and a whomping willow that unfortunately doesn’t move. He is also in the process of starting Privet Drive where Harry grew up. You can download the park for yourself and get creative with it.


Are you impressed with his skills? Looks just like Hogwarts to me! Let us know what you thought down below in the comments and check back with Don’t Feed the Gamers often for all your gaming news! Did you know that you can now turn your Android phone into a wand from Harry Potter?

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