Fallout: New Vegas Devs Share Good News Regarding Shut Down Concerns, Help From Pete Hines Himself

Fallout New California

Earlier this week we shared an update from the incredibly passionate team behind the total conversion Fallout project, Fallout: New Vegas, about shut down concerns following the reveal of the officially licensed tabletop RPG under the same name. Because one was official and theirs was a fan project, the fear of a cease and desist was real. Luckily, Bethesda VP himself Pete Hines swooped in to save the day and provide a solution!

According to their most recent update, both Michael from Vice and Bethesda’s VP Pete Hines gave them a helpful tip and a solid way for interested fans to ensure this project’s safety as well! So what can you do? Simple, and honestly – the best of both worlds.

  • Buy a copy of the officially licensed Fallout: New Vegas board game right here.
  • Put it in pre-order.
  • In the buyer’s note, sign “From Thain — with love.”

The dev team even added, “We’re still doing open beta ASAP. Cherry picking people is slow and security is laborious. I want it done. No more swerving to avoid car wrecks on the way home. We get it done, we get it out, we’re free.”

Since they are “sharing real estate,” it’s a courteous way to retain a project that has been 9 years in the making while respecting Bethesda’s intellectual property. It also helps that this crew has been talking to the company themselves since day one to make sure that they had the green light the entire way.

How cool is it that such a high level exec was willing to lend a solution when many would have simply shut it down? We already loved Bethesda before, but now? They have our undying loyalty! As far as the board game itself goes, it is available to pre-order right here. With new rules, a new setting, and way more narrative choices, this is the perfect expansion for those that really love the Fallout franchise. “A new land of opportunity awaits you. It might also be filled with radiation and hideous monsters, but what’s an accomplishment without a little challenge? It’s time to head into the wasteland. Welcome to New California!”

Want to help out this mod and show your support? You can check out their website right here!

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