Lady Dimitrescu Bloodborne Mod Pits Her Against Lady Maria (VIDEO)

Lady Dimitrescu Bloodborne

The video game industry has been largely fixated the past few weeks with the big new release of Resident Evil: Village. The continuation of Resident Evil’s return to its horror roots has won over critics and audiences alike, but it has especially found an embrace amongst the internet’s meme community for its absurdly tall, but alluring Lady Dimitrescu. Modders have also quickly taken a shining to the new game, with some turning Lady Dimitrescu into Thomas the Tank Engine and other enemies into Barney the Dinosaur. Now, modders have in turn brought their favorite villain out of the village with a new Lady Dimitrescu Bloodborne mod.

As reported by Game Informer, modder Garden of Eyes has shared their new Lady Dimitrescu Bloodborne cosplay on their YouTube channel. The mod brings the digital model of Lady Dimitrescu and puts her into the world of Bloodborne. Seeing a grand opportunity for a femme fight for the ages, Garden of Eyes’s video showcasing the mod pits Lady Dimitrescu against none other than Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower, the original high-statured female enemy of gamers’ stomping fantasies. The mod even allows for Lady Dimitrescu to be seen in her full monstrous mutated form, allowing her to tower high over Lady Maria as if she were a normal human gazing upon Lady Dimitrescu’s original form.

Lady Dimitrescu Bloodborne

The Lady Dimitrescu Bloodborne mod is available for free on Nexus Mods, though it should be acknowledged that this is indeed a mod for the PlayStation 4. Modding for proprietary hardware rather than PC platforms makes them more difficult to enable mods on them. For experienced modders that don’t mind the potential risks of having their save files or system’s software compromised in any way, this Bloodborne mod is surely a fun way to make the most out of a modded PS4. Hopefully, Garden of Eyes has more mods soon featuring Lady Dimitrescu. Who wouldn’t want to see her squaring off against Kratos or Aloy next?

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