Fall Guys Anime Video Features Final Fantasy XV, One-Punch Man Voice Actors (VIDEO)

Fall Guys Anime Video

One of the most sudden and surprising success stories of gaming in 2020 has been the meteoric rise of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. With the new season coming soon, fan hype has been at a high, with plenty of fan art and tributes on social media. Now, a group of well-known video game and anime voice actors have collaborated on a Fall Guys anime tribute video.

Anime voice actor Max Mittelman, perhaps best known as the voice of Saitama on One-Punch Man, recently shared the Fall Guys anime video on his official YouTube channel. The video shows several of the jellybean creatures from Fall Guys engaging in a more combat-focused version of the usually soft-edged mania from the game, but now with more of an action anime dramatic edge. We see a team of smaller beans unite against a larger muscular bean animated with classic anime detail, as they fight to qualify for the next round.

Aside from Mittelman, this Fall Guys anime video features two other well known anime and video game voice actors. Joining him are Robbie Daymond and Ray Chase, perhaps best known to gamers as the voices behind Prompto and Noctis, respectively, from Final Fantasy XV. Mittelman, Daymond, and Chase have been known to frequently collaborate in the past, notably in their “Loud, Annoying and Very Annoying” live improv performances at various comic conventions.

It’s clear that their background in anime voice acting would make for a perfect tribute involving Fall Guys. Hopefully studios like Funimation take notice so we can see a Fall Guys anime become a reality. You bet we want to see some beans get blasted by a kamehameha wave.

What do you think about this Fall Guys anime video? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Fall Guys news, such as the “Big Yeetus” feature being teased by the devs, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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