Rumors of Emma Stone in Death Stranding Proved to be a Hoax by Make Up Artist (VIDEO)

Death Stranding

As soon as the rumors set upon the internet pertaining to Emma Stone’s role in Death Stranding, popular YouTube make-up artist “Mykie” of Glam and Gore uploaded a tutorial inspired by the game proving it to be a hoax. Theories and videos were popping up all over YouTube as a result of the “leaked” photo, however. The picture wasn’t initially intended to set up rumors of Emma Stone as a character in Hideo Kojima‘s highly anticipated game. Besides the fact that no context attached to it, she did elaborate her admiration for the video game creator and how sly he can be with publicity. Even before the the picture was released, there were already ideas circulating of the Hollywood star in a Kojima Production project.

Death Stranding proved to be a likely association because of the pictures he would share on Twitter pertaining to La La Land and Stone’s likeness. At that point forward, the situation just snowballed into oblivion with fans hypothesizing different ideas and piecing together clues. In response to a comment underneath her video, Mykie confirms that this was indeed a hoax. Her fondness of utilizing “unconventional” methods to bring attention to her work served as an explanation too. This certainly wasn’t her first time organizing a stunt like this. Back in 2015, the make up artist created a fake advertisement poster of Harley Quinn tattooing the Joker in Suicide Squad and many fell for it! To understand the situation a little more, check out her video below:

In response to a YouTube comment underneath the tutorial, Mykie clarified the rumor a little more:

Hahah [sic] we didn’t call it emma stone or a leak, others did & we didn’t add any context, but yes that’s a picture from this shoot. To the other comment-Why is that sad? It got a whole community discussing their thoughts on having Emma Stone as part of the game, if parallel universes would be more likely if two characters did have a similar uniform, even the capabilities of the game engine.”

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility of Emma Stone working with Kojima and company, but this news may leave quite a few theory crafters a wee bit disappointed. On the other hand, it certainly gives the game and the Glam and Gore channel more publicity, but it’s not as if either of them were lacking in that department. Props have to be given to her skills as a make-up artist and simply for being able to stir up the gaming community. Hats off to you, Mykie, you pulled a Kojima on us.

What do you think about the rumors of Emma Stone in Death Stranding – do you think it is still a possibility? Do you disagree with Glam and Gore’s method of gaining publicity? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below or begin your own conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers Disqus channel! To stay up to date on the latest news in the gaming world, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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