Mads Mikkelsen Talks Working on Death Stranding with Hideo Kojima (VIDEO)

Mads Mikkelsen

In the most recent episode of Hideo Tube, Mads Mikkelsen sat down with Hideo Kojima and Kenji Yano to discuss everything from Death Stranding to sitting in an English pub and watching handball. For those not in the know, Hideo Tube is a YouTube series on the Kojima Productions channel in which the hosts, Hideo and Kenji, go to events, talk about entertainment, and more. This is the first episode in six months, which is understandable considering Hideo’s busy schedule.

The video starts off with the hosts sitting in the kitchen of Kojima Productions with a small collection of Mads Mikkelsen’s films and TV shows in front of them. They talk about Mads being the National Treasure of Denmark and how Kojima read about “Mads clusters” and “Mads swamps” on Twitter. It is also mentioned how the staff is incredibly excited to have Mikkelsen there. Then, the real fun begins when Hideo summons Mads:

With a blink of the eye, Mads Mikkelsen appears on the screen, sitting between the two hosts. Kojima kicks off the questioning and asks how Mikkelsen feels about Japan. He responds by saying how different the culture is than that of the Danish, and how he has never had as good of food as he has there. They talk about giving Mads a tour of the new studio and he replies:

It’s amazing. I mean… first of all, I don’t know what to expect because this is a very new world for me, and you tell me this is a small place. I think it’s gigantic. Everybody is sitting there being creative. It’s very overwhelming to see. I know it’s a very difficult process to make a game like this, but it is also very creative, I can tell.”

Then, after they talk about how they hit it off when they first met, Mads Mikkelsen says how a lot of trust goes into the process for actors when it comes to video games. “We only have our imaginations to work with. No sets. No nothing.” He also expresses his excitement to be working with Kojima and that he trusts something great will come from it. You can see the full interview below:

What do you say, gamers? Not too much on Death Stranding, but a good idea as to how the friendship between Mads and Hideo will be very prosperous when it comes to the video game. Also, that studio looks amazing, don’t you think? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments! Before you do that, of course, might we recommend checking this out? The new horror game Perception looks pretty terrifying. So you don’t get too scared, be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter because we will be your guiding light into the world of video games.

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