Elder Scrolls VI Trailer May Be Hiding Secrets For Fans To “Pick Apart” (VIDEO)

Elder Scrolls VI

Bethesda easily had one of the best presentations of E3 2018 with a surprise teaser revealing that Elder Scrolls VI is in production. The video took the audience on a brief flying journey over the landscape of Tamriel. Where on the continent was not revealed and little else is known about the title, but that isn’t going to stop the gumshoes of the internet.

In an interview with Geoff Keighley at E3, Todd Howard was asked about Elder Scrolls VI. Keighley noted that very little was shown about the game aside from the stunning landscape. In response, the Director and Executive Producer had this to say in the video below (around 4:45):

While Howard said fans would have to pick the trailer apart for themselves, a twenty-five-second video to reference leaves very little left to pick apart. Of course, one could try to discern the location from the few geographical markers; a wide ridge overlooking the sea, tall mountainous peaks, a crater, and a structure of some sort. But there could be even more to see for knowledgeable fans with a keen eye. Here is some of the current speculation from Twitter:

Howard also noted that Elder Scrolls VI is in the very early stages, and felt the technology is “almost there” for the title. This could indicate a new engine for Bethesda, or for hardware to get to a place that he thinks makes the game what he wants it. The director noted that a small team is working on the title now while the bulk of his team is focused on Starfield and the recently announced Fallout 76.

While this may not be the news fans were hoping for, it does mean that the long wait is coming to an end. At such an early stage there is no guessing when the title might come out, however, it is a safe bet to assume that more information is bound to come about soon. In the meantime, keep up with Don’t Feed the Gamers as we continue to cover announcements and news coming from E3.

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