Alpha Dog

Developer Alpha Dog Games Acquired By Bethesda

With most of Bethesda’s current gen games already having been announced and released, many are looking to the company’s plans for future games and expansion into non-traditional gaming spaces. One…

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The Elder Scrolls VI Will Be A Game That People Play For "At Least" A Decade

The Elder Scrolls VI Will Be A Game That People Play For “At Least” A Decade

Last year, Bethesda announced that the next installment in the popular Elder Scrolls franchise – The Elder Scrolls VI – was officially something fans could look forward to, though there…

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e3 2019

Sony And Microsoft Aren’t “Screwing Up” Next-Gen, Says Todd Howard

While fans likely won’t be seeing the release of the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft until next year, that hasn’t stopped the hype train from leaving the…

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Fallout 76 Reception Was "Deserved," Says Todd Howard In Extensive New Interview

Fallout 76 Reception Was “Deserved,” Says Todd Howard In Extensive New Interview

The usual solo offerings of the Fallout universe were given the multiplayer treatment last year with Fallout 76, the title’s lead-up peppered with plenty of anticipation regarding the possibilities of…

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Fan-Made Starfield Trailer Has Us Stoked For The Bethesda Game (VIDEO)

With Fallout 76 having been officially released, Bethesda fans everywhere are curious when they will be able to hear more about their two big new projects, The Elder Scrolls VI…

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Dishonored Dev Assures Fans That The Series Isn’t Dead

Last month Arkane Studios Lead Designer Ricardo Bare noted that Dishonored was “resting” while they focus on other projects. To many fans, resting meant the franchise was being abandoned by…

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Fallout 76 Will Have 6 Different Regions To Explore, Scales To Level

Several details surround Fallout 76 have already been explored when Bethesda and company reveal major features of the game at Quake Con last month. From private servers and mod support,…

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Fallout 4: There’s Finally A Mod To Let You Worship Todd Howard (VIDEO)

Let’s be honest here folks, most of us didn’t watch Bethesda’s E3 2018 presentation for, y’know, games. We watched it because our lord and savior Todd Howard was there, doing…

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Fallout 76 Character Customization Photo Mode

Fallout 76 Character Customization, New Photo Mode Revealed (VIDEO)

As part of this year’s edition of QuakeCon, Bethesda is letting loose all sorts of interesting tidbits regarding their upcoming multiplayer title Fallout 76, detailing the game’s extreme nuke-savvy, special perk cards,…

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Fallout 76 Nuke System

Fallout 76: How Nukes Work and How to Protect Yourself (VIDEO)

Another QuakeCon is upon us, and with it, Bethesda has used the timely opportunity to not only celebrate their Quake community, but the fans of their other big franchises as…

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