EA Created An AI That Taught Itself How To Play Battlefield 1 (VIDEO)

Self-Learning AI

DeepMind created and studied an AI that was able to teach itself how to play retro Atari games. According to a recent blog post from Magnus Nordin of EA’s Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division, he and his team took inspiration from that study to make their own self-learning AI which could play Battlefield 1.

Nordin explains that he wondered “how much effort it would take to have a self-learning agent learn to play a modern and more complex first person AAA game like Battlefield” and when he joined SEED, took it upon himself to create a team to explore the idea.

The results of those studies show that the AI “Agents” were able to learn and preform the basic behaviors necessary in playing Battlefield 1 such as what to do when low on health or ammo. That being said, don’t expect the AI to take to a professional gaming career. Complex behaviors such as learning the map itself or being familiar with individual classes/equipment is still beyond the AI’s understanding … for now. Below you can see a video of the AI in action which seems to be a fairly convincing testament to its abilities:

The team at SEED hopes to continue their work, coaching the AI into learning those complex behaviors bringing it on par, if not better, than the average human player. Maybe someday soon you’ll not only have to worry about players dominating you and your team, but computer programs as well. You know, beyond aim bots.

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