Dragon Ball Super Introduces Powerful Planet-Eating Enemy

Dragon Ball Super Introduces Powerful Planet-Eating Enemy

While the stateside Dragon Ball Super fandom is preparing their hype for the Broly movie premiere, the manga side of the franchise is currently underway on an exciting new story arc. Son Goku will sireley face one of his most powerful enemies in Broly, but an even more formidable foe seems to await in his latest challenger, a doom-bringing new villain called Planet-Eater Moro.

Debuting recently in the Dragon Ball Super manga, Moro was revealed as the big bad for the publication’s latest Galactic Patrol Prisoner story arc. The pages showed off the villain’s large ram-like appearance as well as his unique and devastating powerset; the ability to devour the energy of entire worlds. In a similar manner to Goku’s Spirit Bomb attack, Moro gathers a planet’s collective life force but instead absorbs it to make himself immensely stronger.

Dragon Ball Super Introduces Powerful Planet-Eating Enemy

Those familiar with Marvel Comics may draw more than a few comparisons to Galactus, as the cosmic character is also one to occasionally stuff their face with planetary energy. However, the main difference between these two world-gobbling forces is their chief motivations; Galactus being compelled by an unending cycle of hunger and Moro prompted by a selfish quest for infinite power.

The current Dragon Ball Super storyline sees Moro attempt to reclaim his powers after having them stripped by Grand Supreme Kai, drawing the attention of the Galactic Patrol as well as our Saiyan hero Goku. It seems that even at incomplete strength, Moro is already among the most powerful fighters Goku has ever faced, the latest chapter of the manga revealing just a glimpse of that extent. Upon trying to sense Moro’s location, it looks as though Goku is hit with a figurative and literal shock, the foe seemingly able to sense Goku’s attempts to sense him.

Dragon Ball Super Introduces Powerful Planet-Eating Enemy

Having already faces the likes of a genocidal tyrant, a psychopathic blob, and even a deity of destruction, Moro still seems unlike anything Goku has faced in the past. Not only does the might of Moro look to outmatch most of the competition, but stakes are likely the highest they’ve ever been with multiple planets (including Earth) potentially on the menu. As this recent Ki exchange is the only interaction Goku and Moro have had thus far, it’s still unknown when they’ll eventually be face to face. One thing that’s for sure is that the confrontation will undoubtedly be interesting.

For now, North American audiences have Dragon Ball Super: Broly to look forward to when it hits theaters on January 16th.

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