Dragon Age-Inspired ‘The Waylanders’ Will Have Tons Of Recruitable Pets

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Inspired by titles like the beloved BioWare series, Dragon Age, The Waylanders is a fantasy RPG developed by Gato Studio with Mike Laidlaw as creative director. The game involves traveling between Celtic and Medieval eras, the recruitment of powerful allies, and a bunch of pets to call on to fight the good fight! Most of us love or adore animals and especially so as companions in video games so the more the merrier!

Granted, not all characters present in The Waylanders can have animal companions. Similar to other role-playing games out there, this feature is available for the ranger class. Rangers will have 12 furry friends to choose from. Each will have their own pros and cons and depending on your play style as a ranged character. Need a tank or a self-sufficient damage dealer? A bear or a wolf sound like good options! Check out the list below to peep what others players can choose from:

  • Dog – A furry friend with a distracting bark and sharp bite
  • Wolf – A cunning pack hunter with a self-healing attacks and an invigorating howl
  • Wild Boar – A tough ally with sharp tusks and a devastating charge
  • Deer – A swift fighter with sharp hooves and a hard skull
  • Rabbit – A lightning-quick companion with some unexpected tricks
  • Bear – A fearsome guardian with savage jaws
  • Raven – A dark omen on wings with a razor beak
  • Jay – A colorful bird with sharp talons and a swooping assault
  • Panther – A lithe predator that favors pouncing and biting
  • Spider – A patient, terrifying huntress with a prickly web
  • Dragon – A legendary beast with powerful wings and explosive breath
  • Drake – A scaly-skinned carnivore with a lethal charge and deadly breath

As of right now, the Dragon Age and Baldur’s Gate-inspired title doesn’t have a release date. However, Gato Studio does plan on a full reveal this Summer during the Summer of Gaming conference. For more information on what Gato Studio has of The Waylanders so far, check out the official website here.

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