Dragon Age Plushies are Available and They are Adorable – Here’s How You Can Get Them

Dragon Age Plushies

It’s time to crack out those wallets, gamers! A new set of collectible Dragon Age Plushies have hit the market, and frankly, they are some of the most adorable things we have seen in a long while. Check out the gallery below to take a look and get excited to buy them this holiday season:

These plushies are available on Sanshee, where you can pick these cuties up right alongside some other awesome looking Dragon Age Inquisition swag. The announcement was made on the Official Dragon Age Twitter, and fans all over are already eating these dolls up.

Yes, we definitely do need these plushies in our lives! And yes, we did already have them pre-ordered. Don’t judge.

From socks, to coasters, to t-shirts of all kinds, Sanshee has your covered for all of your Dragon Age needs. True fans of this epic gaming franchise certainly have quite the selection to choose from, and just in time for the Christmas season. While all of Sanshee’s products are certainly drool-worthy, however, it is the Dragon Age Plushies that takes the cake. Each one runs about $30, so if you know anyone who loves both the grit of medieval fantasy lore, and cuddling up to their favorite collectible at night, make sure you grab these little guys before they run out!

If you’re a true fan of Dragon Age Inquisition, these pieces are only the tip of the iceberg with what you can collect these days. If plushies aren’t your thing, check out this review on the Alistair ThreeZero figure to see if this is something you want to add to your standee collectibles. There’s no shortage of what you can buy to show your pride for this epic role-playing title. Just remember to buy responsibly, as it is the holiday season and your credit scores are soft, squishy things that need love an attention. (Aw who are we kidding? Buy to your heart’s content, my friends because these collectibles are just terrific!)

What do you think of the line-up from Sanshee? Will you be picking up your very own to take home this year? Let us know in the comments below! They also offer a wide variety of gaming products, including a plushie from Mass Effect 2 and 3 with their adorable Grunt! Happy holidays!

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