Doctor Who VR Game ‘The Edge of Time’ Release Date Revealed (VIDEO)

Doctor Who VR Game 'The Edge of Time Release Date Revealed (VIDEO)

Doctor Who, one of the the longest lasting television series in history, continues to attract a large and passionate fanbase. The latest season of the series to air introduced the 13th incarnation of the Doctor, which excited many as she was the first female doctor in the series entire run thus far. The Doctor Who franchise has seen a renaissance in merchandising the past decade, with TARDIS hoodies and toy  sonic screwdrivers aplenty. The series has struggled to make successful runs at video game adaptations, but some hope has been placed in a new VR game that was announced earlier this year. Now, a new Doctor Who VR Gameplay trailer has risen, bringing with it the game’s release date.

As reported by Dualshockers, the new Doctor Who VR game, titled Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time, has had its release date revealed. The game is being created by BBC Studios in partnership with Maze Theory developing and PlayStack publishing. The game will see players join Jodie Whitaker’s 13th Doctor on an adventure that will include encounters with Weeping Angels, and even have the player take a Dalek for a spin. There are even puzzles for players to solve using the iconic Sonic Screwdriver!

Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time was originally slated to release in September, but has now been confirmed for a November 12th release date. It will release on Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and HTC Vive Cosmos. The game looks to be rather fantastic, and hopefully it will have fans shouting Allons-y or Geronimo as they jump into the TARDIS in VR.

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