Dishonored 2 Players are Reporting Frustrating Issues With PC Port – Arkane is Investigating

Bethesda’s followup to their 2012 stealth-action adventure game of the year Dishonored hits stores officially tomorrow. Fans who pre-ordered the sequel, simply titled Dishonored 2, were granted access to the game one day early as part of a promotion. Unfortunately, reports by players have started to appear online outlining various bugs and issues specifically for the PC port of the game. Currently the game has a rating of 65% on steam with the community citing issues of dramatic dips in frame rates, refresh rates, and more – even on high-end gaming setups. Players frustrated with the game’s PC performance can also be found on the game’s subreddit. See below what steam user runicMechanist had to say about the games running condition:


The overwhelming consensus among PC users seems to be that the developer has done a poor job of porting the game in general. Just yesterday while reporting on the game’s official launch trailer, we mentioned the 9.0GB day one patch that would be required for PlayStation4 and Xbox One users. At the moment it isn’t clear if there will be such a patch for the PC. The developer has recognized Dishonored 2’s issues with Arkane Studio’s Co-creative director Harvey Smith weighing in on Twitter and Reddit.

Smith states that Arkane is investigating the reports and when asked if the day one patch for console users would help speed up one for PC he revealed that much of the patch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was content already built into the PC version of the game. As it stands, there are no immediate fixes for the bugs that are currently plaguing the PC port. Stick with us as we keep you updated with any new developments on the problem. Dishonored 2 officially hits stores tomorrow Nov, 11th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Did you pre-order the PC version and if so have you experienced any of the reported bugs with the game? Do you plan on picking Dishonored 2 up for either console? Join the conversation by sounding off in the comments below and as always keep a tab open to Don’t Feed The Gamers for all the video game news you need to know.

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